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Speaking topic | Upgrade your thinking

Take a high-level neuroscience of change and Neuro Linguist Programming look at the mind, brain and body connection, and get a better understanding of why it’s hard to make sustainable changes – even when we want to.

Discover what you think now about yourself, and your business, and learn some techniques for revealing new ways of thinking that will open up your creativity and provide more choice.

Receive some practical tips you can start using from today and consider how super-charged your workplace, classroom, sporting field or community group could be if you learnt to upgrade your thinking and achieve the outcomes you want.

You would be unstoppable!

Speaking topic | How words can unlock change

While it may seem obvious in many ways, there’s a strong link between what we say and how we think.

An anthropologist and linguist from the US, Rodger Bailey, MS, leveraged the work of Neuro-Linguistic Programming creators Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s and took language patterns that had been identified in speech and grouped them into motivation and working traits. These speech patterns provide us meaningful clues about how we’re thinking, processing information and motivating ourselves in specific contexts. And once you’re aware of these, it can greatly assist to shift your thinking about the areas that are limiting or restricting you in some way.

We can develop this awareness for ourselves and also identify the language patterns of others to help us develop rapport, get on the same page as others and speak the same language to achieve satisfying outcomes in a specific context.

Learn a few of the patterns so you can start identifying the language you use and what others around you are saying.

Get some insights into the patterns marketers and advertisers use to appeal to certain audiences and how businesses use certain patterns to appeal to specific target audiences.