I help individuals, professionals and leaders develop their self-awareness so they can communicate more effectively with themselves, and others.

When you become aware of your thoughts, you can cultivate the ones you want to have more often so they become your new norm.

You can also start to change old ways of thinking and habits we all form over time, that may not be that healthy, productive or constructive for you.

It’s powerful stuff and we all have the ability to do it, however, with our brains designed to be on autopilot most of the time, awareness and discipline are needed to overcome our rituals, routines and replays so we can fulfil our potential.

Improving yourself is not easy, it requires commitment and hard work to alter how you’re being and forge a new way, a better way, but with someone in your corner, a champion of your cause, and your desire to be more, do more and make the most of every opportunity, you CAN DO THIS.

If you’d like to work with someone who will help you appreciate your strengths and uncover any blind spots, examine your development goals, encourage you to think in new ways, challenge your current behaviours and help you bring your A game, more times than not – let’s talk!

Anne Lucas in a coaching session with a client