About Me

Anne Lucas challenges, educates and coaches people to think differently to create new and better outcomes for themselves and others.

A thought manager, business owner, adventurer, communicator and marketer, Anne is passionate about how we think, the language we use and the choices we make.

A great example of how to shift your thinking, Anne overcame extreme shyness to take on leadership roles throughout her school and adult life. And her ability to think in new ways has enabled her to become a business owner and achieve significant physical challenges such as the Kokoda Trail, the Dead Sea, Canberra and New York Marathons, Atacama Crossing and national sailing championships.

A lifelong learner, Anne has studied in Australia and internationally. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism), a Graduate Diploma in Marketing; and a Master of Arts (Communication Management) and Graduate Certificate in Australian Studies.

Anne has studied extensively at home and internationally and achieved multiple certifications including: Neuro Linguistic Programming (Australia); Language and Behavioural profiling (Belgium) and the neuroscience of change (USA, based on the work of neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza).