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Upgrade your thinking to take your leadership and performance to the next level


If you’re a business owner or leader, you have the ongoing challenge of figuring out how to be at your best and support others to do the same.

And it’s no mean feat; it’s a big responsibility to drive a business vision, reach targets and provide an environment in which people feel valued, connected and motivated to perform well. Upgrade Your Thinking is about developing your awareness and improving your practice of what you’re thinking, saying, feeling and doing so you can start accessing your untapped capability and resources.

Why is this important?

As human beings we get caught up thinking in habitual and unconscious ways.

Have you thought about how many things you do in a day where you’re not really thinking? In these instances, you’re not consciously thinking what you’re doing so you’re essentially running an automatic program.

Scientific research tells us that we spend most of our days thinking, communicating and behaving in the same way we did yesterday.

While operating on autopilot can be really helpful for some activities, how you think about work, the decisions you make, the interactions you have with others, how you communicate and show up each day are highly likely to be habits too.

Imagine being able to upgrade your thinking and communication skills and become even more capable and resourceful, and better equipped to help your team and your loved ones.

Anne Lucas helps people understand this process and how you can upgrade and elevate your performance by developing your thinking and communication skillset.

My Introduction Video


Anne Lucas works with leaders, organisations, companies, schools, not-for-profits and individuals in a practical, relatable, engaging and insightful way to identify current thinking patterns and paradigms and uses practical tools and techniques to discover your excellence.

She works with people and teams who are genuinely committed to learning and development and are willing to break a sweat and stay the course to turns things up, and around.

Anne’s experience extends to business leaders, and teams, who have one or more of these challenges:

  • communication – across the organisation, between teams and from leaders
  • leading with confidence and competence
  • resistance to trying new ways of doing things
  • creating and communicating an easy to understand vision and mission that motivates people
  • growing a brand and influence in the market
  • team collaboration and cohesion
  • staff and stakeholder engagement and development.